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​"PKOTS" is sure to brand to the youth that "Everything That Glitters is Not Gold", and even though the topics discussed are just a few of the dangers the streets have. "PKOTS" is an advocate for our youth regardless of what lifestyle has been introduced to them. "PKOTS" is committed to provide

motivation, behavioral changes and opportunities for personal development, education and economic advancement to at - risk - youth 

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At  "PKOTS" we’re passionate about making life changes that allow youth to build dreams that are fabulously supported by positive feedback from parents like you! Keep up to date with New Times and what’s Coming Soon to  "PKOTS".  Also in support feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback . If you’d like the benefit of participating, head to the next "PKOTS" event and connect with one of our many down to earth testimonials or you can simply type your questions by contacting us via email and get instant answers.  "PKOTS" welcomes you with open arms as family so we

look to see you at our next function and until then be safe and stay positive.

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