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Differences over facts, ideas, goals, needs, attitudes, beliefs, and personalities all cause conflicts. Some conflicts are simple and easy to resolve

A difference of opinion about a fact, for example, usually does not escalate into an emotional battle. If you and a friend disagree about who holds the world’s record for the 100-meter dash, you can easily resolve the conflict by checking a sports almanac. However conflicts about personalities, values, needs, beliefs, and ideas can be more serious. Such conflicts often cause frustration and anger. The issues are more fundamental, and they can have an emotional component that makes disagreement threatening. Unless the anger is dealt with properly, the conflict is not resolved.



 (PLP) PKOTS Leadership Program

PLP has empirical evidence to support the theory that says all young people, regardless of social situations, when developing in an environment with appropriate assets and a program aligned with the strengths of the youth may may result in positive development. This program model addresses the stages that all youth go through to acquire their attitudes and competencies, to become successful and healthy adults.






(PE) Project Empowerment

Project Empowerment; is to equip, provide, and change the poverty mindset of participants by imparting knowledge, education and encouragement. Project Empowerment Program teaches skills that will support entrepreneurship, empowering mindset shifts from poverty and creates opportunities to avoid risks of homelessness. Our program is structured to include educational programming and skill set building in the areas of financial literacy, job readiness and personal development



     "RE- NEW YOU"   



The mission of this program is to reach loved ones, youth, parents and those that were caught up in the system, to be re-established and to reconnect with society and get back in their rightful position, inside their home and community. Using all open measures to educate not only ex-offenders but also those At RISK! that can and will learn that, Prison or worse could find them if they're not focused and being proactive and a productive law - abiding citizen. "Re-New You" will present to participating businesses and companies that agree with hiring persons with felony offenses.

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