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"PKOTS". We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the goal of sparing at-risk youth from hardships of life (i.e. Gangs, Disease, Drugs, Crime, Violence, Prison,  Death, Sex, and Truancy) by exposing the realities of life on the streets.


"PKOTS"Will use tools such as viewing raw footage /documentaries from hood to hood letting the youth see for themselves what street living produces when talent and education goes to waste.

PKOTS also uses various resources to reach our youth such as hands on power sessions with individuals who have experienced the struggles of street life - and lived to tell about it. In some cases, some testimonies have come from family members or friends of those that did not survive the dangers!

Although some resources can be graphic in nature, it's the TRUTH and it's REAL and is intended to save one from becoming a statistic, many of our youth are exposed to this life everyday.


"PKOTS"Is optimistic about getting to the root issues that lead to life on the streets, whether it is peer pressure, inadequate family values, lack of education and employment, or even self-worth.


"PKOTS". Provides youth with opportunities to share their own stories, ask questions, offer suggestions and speak openly on how they feel about certain aspects of their lives while instilling in them not to get lost in the system and become a number or the revolving door THEY call, "Rehabilitation when lost in the system". Also, letting them know that sometimes a life in the streets is a dead end to that last walk of freedom - "PRISON or DEATH!"


"PKOTS". Is a continuous project that will broaden its scope in the near future and promotes advocacy for our young people so they may obtain their goals and live healthy successful lives.

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